Commercial Energy Procurement

Our customers have saved over $3 million by switching electric providers!

Since 2008, Energy Brokers of America has helped thousands of companies save over $3 million by switching electric providers. From market monitoring to energy bill auditing, Energy Brokers of America is your one stop shop for energy procurement. In fact, our clients save an average of 34% and cut usage by 32%.

Energy is one of, if not, the highest cost of operating for most commercial/manufacturing/industrial facilities and everyone wants to be as efficient and as cost effective possible. From Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) to LED Usage Reduction Bulb technology, Energy Brokers of America is your one stop shop for Energy Procurement. Backed by some of the top ranked energy companies, we are able to leverage them against one another to help drive down the price. Our satisfied clients save an average of 34% through these strong relationships across 21 top rated Retail Electric Providers. When we secure YOU a Great Rate, you win!

Residential Electric Service

One of the best things about living in Texas is the power to choose your electric company in Texas. What does this mean for you? Better rates, better service and more options to pay your Texas electric bill when it is most convenient for YOU, not the Texas electric company. Whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Houston or other deregulated market, Energy Brokers of America can save you money!

With Energy Brokers of America, YOU are in control of your electricity rate in Texas. Offering low kilowatt per hour rates, flexible plan selections and fast customer service. We always put the customer first by providing the BEST rates and Plans. Please contact us today to discuss the questions and concerns over choices and next steps. 214-693-9897
Customize your plan by choosing your contract length! We offer terms from 12-60 months based upon your needs!

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